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On this episode of Art Loft, Lolo Reskin takes us on an exploration of innovative visual arts from across the country.
We first visit the ICA, Miami to see the first US exhibition by conceptual artist John Miller.
At the ICA, Miami, Miller created an interactive installation that allowed guests to wander around a labyrinth of art.
We then head to New Mexico to see how Michael Hudock draws inspiration from the surfaces around him.
Finally, we head to the Twin Cities to meet printmaker and book artist Caitlin Warner.

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Featured Artists

  • Curator, Matthew Bird

    Curator, Matthew Bird

  • The Creole Choir of Cuba

    The Creole Choir of Cuba

  • Executive Director, Alyona Ushe

    Executive Director, Alyona Ushe

  • Actors, Diana Garle & Troy Davidson

    Actors, Diana Garle & Troy Davidson

  • Curator, Lisa Rockford

    Curator, Lisa Rockford

  • Photographer, Lee Materazzi

    Photographer, Lee Materazzi

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