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Kalyn James hosts this episode of art loft, where we explore a spectrum of Florida-based art projects
We talk with Jason Fitzroy Jeffers and Jonathan David Kane from Third Horizon about their film, Papa Machete
Next, we meet an ASL Interpreter who makes herself an integral part of plays for the deaf community
We then travel to the Norton Museum of Art to experience the Black Panthers through the power of photography
Finally, we meet two Florida students who were honored with U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts Awards

what is art loft?


kalynpinkart loft is a weekly 30-minute art program that showcases local and national artists, openings, installations, performances, and art organizations that are positioning South Florida as an emerging leader in the world of art. art loft is designed to be a collaboration between WPBT2, local artists, producers and other PBS stations around the country.

For the artists, art loft is South Florida’s largest stage. The show propels their life’s work into every home with a television. art loft gives a voice and a home to local South Florida artists.

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featured artists

  • Curator, Matthew Bird

    Curator, Matthew Bird

  • The Creole Choir of Cuba

    The Creole Choir of Cuba

  • Executive Director, Alyona Ushe

    Executive Director, Alyona Ushe

  • Actors, Diana Garle & Troy Davidson

    Actors, Diana Garle & Troy Davidson

  • Curator, Lisa Rockford

    Curator, Lisa Rockford

  • Photographer, Lee Materazzi

    Photographer, Lee Materazzi

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