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Appalachian Bluegrass meets the Florida Keys with a festival steeped in musical tradition.
High school students "Duke" it out at an annual Jazz competition in NYC.
There's much ado over this fancy 'stache in the short animated film "Marcel."
Scott Baxter is on a mission to document the American frontier with his stunning photography.
Take a look at a retrospective of Max Beckman's works, whose rich colors and evocative subject matter continue to captivate visitors more than a century after his death.
David Pavon's animated short chronicles the story of an abandoned paper boat whose personal tragedy turns into the journey of a lifetime.

what is art loft?


kalynpinkart loft is a weekly 30-minute art program that showcases local and national artists, openings, installations, performances, and art organizations that are positioning South Florida as an emerging leader in the world of art. art loft is designed to be a collaboration between WPBT2, local artists, producers and other PBS stations around the country.

For the loft is South Florida’s largest stage.The show propels their life’s work into every home with a television. It gives a voice and a home to the artists.

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featured artists

  • Art Matron, Bernice Steinbaum

    Art Matron, Bernice Steinbaum

  • Tim Seibles

    Poet, Tim Seibles

  • Photographer, Lynn Goldsmith

    Photographer, Lynn Goldsmith

  • Musicians, Moanin' Frogs

    Musicians, Moanin' Frogs

  • Make-up Artist, Jillian Mayer

    Make-up Artist, Jillian Mayer

  • Photographer, Lee Materazzi

    Photographer, Lee Materazzi

art loft is made possible by:

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